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Qualivis Strategic Plan

  • Mission – We are a national provider of healthcare workforce solutions that works to simplify staffing and help hospitals build a better workplace to improve patient care.
  • Values – Our core values are reflected in the three words that make up our name.
    • Quality – responsive, dependable, able to provide top talent simply and affordably, with one portal to more than 100 staffing agencies nationwide
    • Life – specialists in supplemental staffing to help fill critical gaps and provide better work-life balance for the permanent team and partners in improving the workforce culture
    • Vision – consulting, training and management tools to help providers plan for the workforce challenges of tomorrow — today
  • Goals – Our overarching goal is to grow and evolve into a full-service provider of workforce solutions, programs and initiatives.

Strategic Priorities

  1. While maintaining and strengthening the company’s reputation as a preferred service provider of supplement staffing, expand the scope of placement services to include permanent, temporary-to-permanent, management and non-clinical staff.
  2. Take a leadership role in helping hospitals build a better workplace culture to increase productivity, provide opportunities for staff development and enhance work-life balance to increase retention and improve patient care.
  3. Enhance and build on the company’s longstanding commitment to quality, service and value by investing in “best of class” technology, business practices and processes, analytical tools and staff development.
  4. Diversify the scope of services that add value for our clients and help them prepare for future workforce needs, such as consulting, educational programs, scholarships, audits, surveys and cost analysis tools.
  5. Lead a cultural change to position supplemental staffing as a smart, cost-effective workforce strategy that can fill gaps, build a pipeline of permanent recruits, increase staff retention and contribute to workplace quality of life.