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Building a better workplace: Make hospitals safe zones

As part of our commitment to helping hospitals build a better workplace, Qualivis is pleased to share a new campaign launched by the South Carolina Hospital Association to improve workplace safety for hospital staff.

Called “Make Hospitals Safe Zones,” the campaign is aimed at reducing incidents of violence in healthcare facilities and creating a culture where employees feel empowered to report such incidents.

In a newsletter to S.C. member hospitals, SCHA President Thornton Kirby said, “For too long, doctors, nurses and other medical personnel have considered violence to be ‘just part of the job.’ This has led to an increase in clinician burnout and contributed to a culture where healthcare employees do not feel confident reporting violent incidents.”

The campaign provides tools to help hospital administrators communicate to both their employees and the public, such as patients and visitors, that such incidents will not be tolerated. Some of the materials are tailored specifically for South Carolina, one of only three states in the nation with no enhanced penalties for acts of violence committed against healthcare workers. Other tools, such as downloadable posters, a white paper and talking points, could be beneficial at any hospital in any state.

Healthcare staff are four times more likely to be victims of workplace violence than workers in other industries, and the majority of workplace assaults take place in healthcare settings. It’s time for change, and we applaud SCHA for their leadership. After all, caregivers make a vow to do no harm. They deserve the same in return.