Forms & Documents

Qualivis offers strong partnerships across the country built on personal relationships, trust and responsiveness. We work with healthcare facilities, state associations and staffing agencies to support all aspects of staffing services and workforce needs through one point of contact. Many hospitals also find the following documents and forms useful reference tools.

Qualivis holds an agreement with each approved agency. There is never a need for a hospital to sign any additional agency contracts. This form serves as a placement confirmation between the hospital and the agency. This document is required for all approved agencies to use.

Qualivis requires the Candidate Submission Form as the cover page for all candidate submissions. It will help each hospital have a quick overview of the candidate’s information. Agencies are able to use their traditional cover page under the Candidate Submission Form.

Qualivis Locums requires that agencies present each provider with the Qualivis Locums Cover page and Qualivis Locums Questionnaire.