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Forms & Documents

Qualivis offers strong partnerships across the country built on personal relationships, trust and responsiveness. We work with healthcare facilities, state associations and staffing agencies to support all aspects of staffing services and workforce needs through one point of contact. Many hospitals also find the following documents and forms useful reference tools.

A full list of all of our approved agencies.

This document provides answers to frequently-asked questions about Qualivis and our partnership.

Rates Sheet

Each agency submits annual rates for each job class. If you ever need a specialty not listed, please let us know. The spreadsheet lists job classes and also helps describe each skill specialties that the job classes represent. All rates are all inclusive. Facilities are also able to establish their own rates.

This checklist lists all of the requirements that are outlined within our agreement with each agency. We understand that hospitals may have their own set of mandatory requirements, but each agency must also provide us with this list of requirements in compliance with their agreement. Please feel free to use this checklist as a guide for collecting credentials.

Qualivis holds an agreement with each approved agency. There is never a need for a hospital to sign any additional agency contracts. This form serves as a placement confirmation between the hospital and the agency. This document is required for all approved agencies to use.

Qualivis requires the Candidate Submission Form as the cover page for all candidate submissions. It will help each hospital have a quick overview of the candidate’s information. Agencies are able to use their traditional cover page under the Candidate Submission Form.

Use form to provide facility profile information.

Hospitals use the Job Posting Form if they want Qualivis to post a position on their behalf. It will ensure that we have all of the information we need. Please complete the online form.

Request access to view the contract between Qualivis and  partner staffing agencies.

Agreement Violation Notice

Although we hope this form does not have to be utilized, we realize there may be an unfortunate situation where an agency staff member does not complete or does not show up for an assignment. If that is the case, we need to know about the occurrence for our compliance reviews with the agencies.