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What Services Do We Offer?

Qualivis is your workforce solution, offering a broad range of placement services. We offer easy access to a nationwide network of healthcare staffing agencies to simplify and speed the search process. That means you spend less time managing
contracts and fielding sales calls, and more time building a great team.


Highly-qualified, flexible, temporary staff for clinical and non-clinical positions. And if one of them is perfect for a permanent job, there’s no fee for hiring after a completed assignment. We also offer the option to call-off 12 hours per pay period for low census, up to 16 hours of orientation at no cost and no call-back, weekend or shift differentials.


When you’re looking for per diem staff to fill temporary gaps or prepare for short-term demand spikes without overloading your permanent team on a day-to-day basis for clinical and non-clinical positions. There’s no fee for hiring after 400 billable hours. We also offer the option to call-off up to two hours prior to the shift and up to 8 hours of orientation at no cost.


When a public health crisis or natural disaster strikes, or when you’re launching a new facility or major project, demand can quickly overwhelm your team. We can help you find fully-credentialed staff who are able to be on site within three to seven days of a confirmed assignment offer for rapid-response staff and two weeks for critical staff.


It can be a difficult task to replace that well respected and skilled unit director and continue to lead your staff to excellence. From the C-suite, consultants, managers, directors and all the way to the front line of patient care, we can help you find highly-specialized staff for positions at all levels – permanent or interim.


Do you have a doctor who needs a family vacation or a grand opening of a new surgery center in need of an award- winning surgeon? We can provide you access to physicians and other advanced practice healthcare professionals to provide clinical services on a temporary basis so your staff can take that much needed break.


International Recruitment is a long-term planning strategy for nursing and allied to augment other recruitment efforts. There are two main International Recruitment models; direct delivery and indirect delivery. Under direct delivery, the facility employs and sponsors the provider. Under indirect delivery, the agency employs the provider and most convert to direct employment once their agency commitment ends.

Approved Staffing Agencies