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Compliance & Credentials

  • Qualivis Compliance Checklist

    The Qualivis Staffing Agreement requires all approved agencies to submit specific credentials for each candidate on assignment. Regular on-site agency compliance reviews are conducted to maintain quality standards. Each facility may have their own sub-set of required credentials to be submitted in addition to the credentials listed. View the checklist.

  • Mini Profile

    When a profile is submitted to a facility for an initial review, the profile must contain the following items:

    • Fully completed Qualivis Candidate Submission form regardless of how it was submitted (e-mail or through software).
    • Current resume or application.
    • Two supervisor references or evaluations from within the last twelve months.
    • Unit-specific skills checklist or competency test completed within the last twelve months.
    • Document required professional certifications on the submission cover (certification copies are not required with the mini profile).
    • NURSYS report completed within one month of submission.
  • Expired Certifications & Credentials

    All Qualivis and all facility specific requirements must be kept current the entire duration of the assignment. Expired certifications and other requirements can lead to agency staff being removed from the schedule until compliant. Please make sure you monitor expiration dates.

    Qualivis requires all compliance documents to be completed and submitted five business days prior to the assignment start date.

  • Education Verification

    The preferred standard for formal education and training verified is primary source verification, usually from the National Student Clearinghouse or through a background check.  A transcript of education will also suffice, but should clearly come from a school registrar (signed, dated and with visible school seal).

    Our agreement, and our compliance form does require primary source verification, however it is preferred.

  • Influenza Vaccination

    While the Qualivis agreement does not require an influenza vaccination, many of our hospitals and healthcare systems do. When asked for the vaccination, please provide the following information:

    • Must be a vaccination for the 2018-2019 flu season
    • Must have name of administrator, manufacture and lot number. If the vaccination is administered by a drug store, a print-out must be provided with this information.

    Make sure to check with the hospital or Qualivis account specialist for facility specific requirements and seasonal vaccine deadlines.

  • Two-Step PPD

    The 2018-2020 Qualivis Staffing Agreement requires a two-step PPD for all placements. A two-step PPD is defined by a PPD completed and then followed in 7-21 days by another. Both steps should follow standard protocol. This applies to any placement made on or after May 8, 2018. We will accept a QuantiFERON-TB Gold or t-spot in lou of the two-step PPD. For more information about two-step testing, please visit the CDC website.