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Forms & Documents

Find helpful FAQs about Qualivis and our partnership.

This document offer key talking points and information about Qualivis and our partnership.

Rates Sheet

Each agency submits annual rates for each job class. If you ever need a specialty not listed, please let us know. The spreadsheet lists job classes and also helps describe each skill specialties that the job classes represent. All rates are all inclusive. Facilities are also able to establish their own rates.

Qualivis requires the form as the cover page for all candidate submissions. Having the form/cover page on file ensures that an approved staffing agency submits the profile. Use this form regardless of how a profile is submitted. It will help each hospital have all of the contact information upfront. Agencies are able to use their traditional cover page under the Candidate Submission Form.

Qualivis holds an agreement with each approved staffing agency. There isn’t a need for a hospital to sign any additional contracts. This form will serve as a placement confirmation between the hospital and the agency. This document is required for all staffing agencies to use.

The Qualivis Staffing Agreement requires all approved agencies to submit specific credentials for each candidate on assignment. Regular on-site agency compliance reviews are conducted to maintain quality standards. Each facility may have their own sub-set of required credentials to be submitted in addition to the credentials listed.