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State Associations

Delivering a valued service to members and sponsorship on association initiatives.

Qualivis is a national provider of healthcare staffing and workforce solutions, committed to quality, customer service and improving the workplace culture.

We simplify healthcare staffing by offering healthcare facilities access to a nationwide network of staffing agencies through one contract and one contact, meaning they spend less time on administrative duties and managing multiple contracts. We work closely with state hospital and healthcare associations to earn their endorsement as a valued member service, which assures hospitals that we have been thoroughly vetted for quality, responsiveness and cost-effectiveness.

What We Offer

We’re proud to be the preferred workforce solutions provider for many state hospital and healthcare associations across the country and are always excited to welcome new partners to the team.

By joining the Qualivis program, you can:

Provide valuable, relevant services to your members

  • Healthcare staffing has never been more challenging, with demand far outpacing supply and increasing turnover and retirements. We simplify the staffing process by providing access to a nationwide network of staffing agencies and services that can cast a wide net and reach a broad spectrum of clinical and non-clinical healthcare professionals.

Create a new source of non-dues revenue

  • Qualivis is listed among the top five revenue-producing programs within the majority of the partnering state hospital and healthcare associations. Our unique revenue-sharing model provides funds that can support your programs and reduce pressure on membership dues.

Allow facilities to “try before they buy”

  • Supplemental staffing can create a pipeline to permanent hires with no hiring fee after a completed assignment. This makes supplemental staffing a smart addition to a member’s workforce strategy.

Eliminate similar programs with start-up costs by implementing established processes and protocols

  • Qualivis provides training, expert technical support and materials to facilitate start-up. In previous studies, we found 9 out of 10 program presentations led to a signed agreement.

Simplify staffing and reduce administrative burdens

  • Qualivis maintains one central contract with all of the approved staffing agencies to save our participants from the administrative burden of negotiating multiple contracts.

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